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Aircon Dismantling/Relocation Services in Quezon City, Metro Manila

Relocating an air conditioning unit to your new place is one of the most daunting things to do. Uninstalling and getting the aircon ready to pack, to finally setting it up to your new place is something you can entrust to our experienced technicians.

Expert Aircon Relocation Services in Quezon City, Metro Manila

Dismantling air conditioning units can be quite a hassle when you don’t employ the right technicians. At DDC Coolmakers, it is done in a smooth and efficient manner. We provide experienced technicians who ensure zero damage to your aircon units and surrounding furniture during dismantling and re-installation.


Whether you are shifting your residence or re-installing the aircon unit in a new location – we ensure breakage-free dismantling and re-installation. Our work does not disrupt or damage surrounding walls or window frames.

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