Armaflex Rubber Insulation


Armaflex sheet from Armacell (AF, XG, NH, HT)
Original Armaflex® sheets from Armacell in different variants and insulation thicknesses at favourable prices.


Flexible insulation material made of rubber
Armaflex ® is a flexible thermal insulation material made of rubber. It reduces losses in heating, sanitary and hot water installations and prevents condensation in air conditioning and refrigeration systems.


The low thermal conductivity and high water vapour diffusion resistance make Armaflex an energy-saving solution with an optimal price-performance Ratio.


More About Armaflex Rubber Insulation

AP Armaflex, the world’s most recognized brand of closed-cell foam insulation, provides superior protection against thermal losses, condensation and moisture accumulation that leads to mold. It is the ideal choice for insulating mechanical piping systems. Now offering Larger 8″ and 10″ IDs for ease of installation on larger pipe sizes.


Schools, hospitals, government institutions and commercial spaces of all types value the long-term performance and peace of mind that AP Armaflex lends to mechanical piping systems. Its moisture-resistant characteristics make it especially valuable on chilled-water and refrigeration piping where condensation might otherwise soak through fibrous types of insulations, significantly degrading their thermal performance, leaving them susceptible to fungal growth and ultimately shortening their lifecycle. Moisture-resistant AP Armaflex, however, maintains its physical and thermal integrity — for the life of the mechanical system!

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