Carrier Split Type Wall Mounted

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Carrier Split Type Wall Mounted


1 review for Carrier Split Type Wall Mounted

  1. AgencyStackInc

    I totally love this Split system, I have personally installed several of these for a few friends. I decided it was time to purchase one for my home. I have a 2k sq foot home and up stairs is always warm and down stairs is cool where the thermostat sits. This 1 ton system will cool the whole house if needed. It’s super quite, my fish take is louder. This unit by far is the best one I have installed compared to the other brands. This came with all equipment needed to install, the only down side was the instructions are not very clear for the ones whom never installed one. I would recommend the manufacturer label the wires A,B,C and so on so the consumer would save a little time trying to figure it out rather than you color code your own as they have it.
    You need a vacuum pump and manifold gauge to complete the install and it’s a free loan service at the local auto parts store. The system is precharged, inside unit is filled with nitrogen so if you don’t here air purging out be Leary and look for signs of leaking during your evacuation with the Vacuum pump.

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