Koppel Window Type

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Koppel Window Type


1 review for Koppel Window Type

  1. AgencyStackInc

    This unit is amazingly quiet for a “window type” heater/air conditioner. Cooling is excellent and so is the heating (heat pump) function. I framed this unit into a wall opening. Installation was trouble free. Just slope the unit slightly downward to the rear (outside) for drainage of condensation. I would recommend that you also purchase the support bracket for the outside of the unit so it is well secured, or just build your own. Either way will work. Amperage draw with the cooling function was amazingly low for a unit of this size. This “craft” room is on a 20 amp breaker and I could run the A/C and lights while using my large Skil 77 saw at the same time while ripping boards. I never tripped the breaker, even when the saw was really lugging down and working HARD (high amp draw).
    This Frigidaire unit has an “economy” mode that we find useless and the unit defaults to this setting when first turned on. Just know this issue when you can’t figure out why the room isn’t cooling down. The “economy” mode is making sure you are miserable

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