LG Wallmounted Split Type

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LG Wallmounted Split Type


1 review for LG Wallmounted Split Type

  1. AgencyStackInc

    Unit arrived on time. Great shipping by seller. Installed the unit as per instructions. The system is working great. This is my first installation of a mini split style unit. If you are wanting to try a mini split system for a room, then this unit is for you. I will be purchasing more of these for other rooms in my house. Make sure you purchase the right size unit for the room you are wanting to heat/cool. Do not expect this unit or any other brand to cool your whole home, especially if you are trying to replace an existing central ac unit. You will need numerous units to accomplish this. Advice: make sure you have a vacuum pump and an adapter for R410 Freon systems. You can order these (adapters) on amazon as well. You will need to “pull a vacuum” on the system before you release the freon to your new unit. (The unit comes pre-charged with Freon) The system comes with 16 feet of tubing for the freon supply/return, so make sure you allow room to feed this to the outside unit. Also, the color codes for the wiring are not the same as what we use here in the US. It is not hard to figure out, but you need basic understanding of electrical terminology to figure it out. (Load, neutral, ground for the power and control from the thermostat) Good luck and best wishes to all.

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